Where to Find the Money

Over the years, one of the biggest frustrations I’ve heard sales and marketing VPs talk about is motivating their salespeople to really drive hard to achieve their sales goals. They struggle to create an incentive reward program that will make their people stand up and take notice then work like the dickens to achieve it.

The other biggest frustration? Budgeting for this effective incentive reward program.

We hear it all the time:

“Salespeople like public recognition so giving them a cash bonus doesn’t really give them something to brag about.  Besides, giving cash is really expensive.”

“The marketing budget is so tight.  We didn’t even put an incentive program in it this year.  In this market, there’s no way to anticipate how many sales we’re going to get.”

“Upper management doesn’t believe that incentive programs actually gets us more sales so they don’t want to spend the money.”

In working with executives over the years, we heard all of these frustrations, and others. So we’ve developed funding alternatives that allow executives to offer the incentive program that they know is going to get them more sales.

It occurred to us that you or someone you know might find this experience useful. So we put together a short whitepaper, “How to Fund an Incentive Program,” that describes some ways to deal with this roadblock.

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 I hope these ideas help you see that there are ways to develop an effective reward program that will  inspire your salespeople to higher performance without breaking the bank. If you’d like to talk further about these ideas, give me a call at 978-287-9500.

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