What We Do

Simply put, we create programs and events that inspire higher performance.  Earning a travel reward experience is tangible.  It’s a visible affirmation of success.  And the memories last a lot longer than the amount of last year’s bonus check.At Performance Enhancement Incentives, we listen to your specific needs and goals, help you design an effective incentive structure, then using our experience and expertise, recommend an appropriate travel reward, meeting or event agenda. We manage every detail of planning and implementing a powerful program that fits your corporate culture.
Choose which services best serve your individual situation and budget with the confidence that we will leave no detail unplanned.

Incentive Structure Design

Your incentive program should be clear and effective.  The participants need to know what is expected of them and what they will earn.  We work with you to:

  • Design an award structure that fits your business goals.
  • Develop qualifying rules to ensure that all the ‘loopholes’ have been considered.
  • Establish a budget for your program within your individual business model.

Award Program Design

An inspiring travel incentive must include experiences that a participant would not ordinarily pursue on their own.  And it must fit the culture and personality of your business. We will:

  • Suggest creative, unique locations and venues that meet your needs.
  • Determine which hotels, restaurants and tours will deliver a world-class experience that is appropriate to your market.
  • Plan special events that deliver a memorable experience.
  • Personally visit sites under consideration to ensure appropriate venue selection.

Marketing Communication

Keeping the opportunity visible to your participants will keep them motivated.  Our custom communication packages may include:

  • Customized brochures and mailings designed to stimulate desire.
  • A website, unique to your program, to facilitate registration, provide program details and travel information.
  • Creative and articulate content to reinforce your objectives.
  • An ongoing communications campaign using electronic and direct mail as well as social media to maintain motivation.

Group Travel Services

Moving groups of people requires expert planning and execution.  And your money is on the line when managing blocks of airline, hotel and ground transportation space.  Using our extensive experience, we will:

  • Negotiate block reservations with suppliers to minimize fees caused by changes in participation.
  • Choose travel times to ensure convenience and practicality and take into consideration any unique characteristics designation.
  • Coordinate schedules of air, sea, ground transportation, hotel arrival and accommodation to ensure seamless travel from home to program destination.

Meeting & Event Planning

Your agenda may include a business meeting, training, a product launch, team building exercises, or participation in corporate social responsibility activities.  We have the experience to:

  • Create an agenda for the meeting, suggest speakers, and plan activities to achieve the goals of the event.
  • Identify appropriate venues.
  • Negotiate contracts for location, food & beverage.
  • Match the business agenda with appropriate social activities.

Program Administration

There are thousands of details to be managed in a large-scale travel incentive program.  Overlooking any one of these details can result in participant disappointment and higher costs.  We deliver a seamless experience by:

  • Setting specific program criteria, creating a detailed agenda and closely managing all suppliers.
  • Negotiating best possible price for unexpected additions or cancellations.
  • Confirming all services and costs with detailed purchase orders prior to arrival and holding suppliers accountable to their contracts.
  • Providing executive involvement in planning, execution and follow-up of all facets of the program.
  • Scrutinizing every detail of supplier obligations and invoices to ensure proper accounting of every service.

VIP Concierge & Support Services

Pre-travel and on-site concierge and support services provide individual attention to program attendees.  We transform the travel experience from a hassle to a pleasure by:

  • Communicating with attendees about individual requests such as arranging for extra days at the travel destination or accommodating additional family members.
  • Staffing our hospitality desk with experts to deal with any situations that may arise, provide travel guidance and advice as well as assist with special requests.
  • Assigning a personal concierge to executives travelling with the group to handle last minute requests or changes to the agenda.

Dream Delivery – Trip Experience

You want every participant to feel like a VIP.  We deliver a memorable program by:

  • Detailed planning of all facets of transportation – air, ground, luggage handling.
  • Establishing personal relationships with suppliers – hotels, food & beverage and special event – who will deliver a world class experience.
  • Communicating before, during and after the program with management and attendees, about all aspects of the experience.
  • Using our proprietary methods, based on best practices developed by our years of experience, to ensure a reliably excellent outcome.

Post Program

After the program is over and the bills come in, you want to make sure you’re only being billed for what you got. And you want to make sure the attendees had the experience you hoped for.  Our post program services include:

  • Audit of all bills from suppliers for correct services and costs.
  • Development, implementation and analysis of attendee surveys for feedback on the program.