Mexico’s Beaches Are Not Its Borders

Mexico’s troubles are unavoidable in the news.  And the question of safety is always at the top of the priority list when planning an incentive reward program.  As it should be.  However, I just got back from accompanying a program to Cancun and have to report that Mexico’s beaches are not its borders.

A Peaceful View

A telecommunications company in Utah chose Cancun after the president of the company had had a favorable experience in Cabo San Lucas.  He wanted to reward his agents who had qualified to become part of the company’s “President’s Club.”  So he was open to the resort areas of this beautiful but troubled country.

We chose Live Aqua for their brief excursion.  And as soon as they arrived, our guests were treated to hand massages and herbal tea at the registration desk.  The entire resort is dedicated to awakening the senses – aromatherapy throughout the lobby and in the rooms, the sounds of the ocean, food to satisfy any palate and the beauty of the beaches to complete the sensation of being a world away.

Lunch Almost Gone!

The resort, including its spa and fitness programs provided everything our guests needed ugh we did enjoy a few off-site excursions like snorkeling and zip-lining.  But we could not have asked for better attention for our guests as they enjoyed a leisurely cerviche lunch on the beach or dinner at MB Restaurant, founded by Miami’s renowned chef Michelle Bernstein.  If you’ve never had Mexican food in Mexico, you’ve never had Mexican food.

The resort areas of Mexico offer an extraordinary value for visitors and they deliver on excellent accommodations, food and service.  The beaches are a long way from the borders.

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